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Why is a Primary Care Physician (PCP) the center of my healthcare plan with Giatros Health?


Your PCP is your first point of contact with Giatros Health. PCPs – also known as internists, family doctors or general practitioners – approach your whole health, with a focus on prevention and screening. They’re your first line of defense for routine health issues, minor illness and checkups.


When your PCP knows your health history, he or she can make highly informed decisions when it comes time for treatment or referrals to specialized care.


How are Family Medicine and Internal Medicine different?

Family Medicine doctors – also known as Family Practitioners – practice a wide range of medical skills. Their training enables them to treat patients from birth to end-of-life, and to know when it’s necessary to refer you to more specialized care.

​Internal Medicine doctors/Internists hone their focus on adult and senior care, and have training and experience in managing chronic, complex or severe illnesses. Like Family Practitioners, they will refer you to a specialist whenever it’s necessary and remain part of your care team.


What is a Specialist?

Specialists have advanced training and degrees in specific types of medicine – for example, cardiology, podiatry and oncology. PCPs refer you to a specialist when your condition is outside of their scope of expertise.


Can Giatros Health help me understand the right medical professional to contact?

Yes. Our Care Representatives can steer you toward providers who manage your condition, and who will be able to refer you for further examination or treatment if necessary.

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